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What Could 
You Do With A Braver Brain?

Rewire your brain and reshape your life with coaching anchored in positive psychology and neuroscience.

Do you feel like your best life is just a few brave steps away?


You've read the self-help books; you've saved the Instagram posts; you may even have a list of people whose life you'd kill to live.


And yet... Nothing. Each day you wake up and the day just seems to 'happen' to you.


You skip that class (because the dinner won't cook itself); you 'forget' to dedicate that hour to your big business idea (because your day job drained your creative juices); or you avoided reaching out to that sparkly person you'd love to see more of (because reality TV is the friend that doesn't need you to talk back).


Why are we like this? Why do we forego greater happiness for smaller conveniences?


No, we're not lazy, self-sabotaging, or doomed to a life of self-judgment.


We're human.


It's a cliché, I know. But therein lies your answer.


Once you realise that to be human is to have a brain that nature wired to take in the bad and ignore the good you begin to realise that you're not defective - you're just working with some old software in a lightning-paced world.

Far from being fulfillment machines, our brains evolved to keep us safe, fed, and sheltered. Referred to our 'negativity bias' this was crucial when we were living in caves, dodging cougars, and predicting ice ages. But times have changed - even if our brains haven't (yet).

What I'm really saying is...

You make sense. 

There is nothing wrong with you.

And yet, you've got a life to live: jobs to quit; businesses to start; unhealthy attachments to end; connections to build; planes to catch. So what can we do?

According to the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology - a lot.

For better or worse, every experience we have is shaping our brains. The good news is that - with the right knowledge, tools, and support - we can turn every moment into an opportunity to rewire our brain to: appreciate the good, enhance our natural strengths, and take the brave action we truly desire.

That's where I come in.

Armed with tiny, mighty evidence-backed practices, potent life-shifting conversations, and the safe, loving support you've been craving your whole life, together we are going to transform your brain - and your life - for the better and the braver.

Want to find out how? Book your complimentary 15-minute Brain-Buster session to:

  • Answer any of your burning questions

  • Explore your eligibility for Brave Brain Coaching/Training

  • Create a fully-customised Brave Brain Behaviour that you can playfully experiment with after our call.


Ongoing coaching and training spots are limited, so don't lose your spot!


You have nothing to lose and a bigger, braver life to build. 

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